TL Series (TL 002) – LIP LACQUER

TL 002 – LIP LACQUER 1.An 8-hour wear, highly-pigmented Lip Lacquer 2.Various texture is available, from high-shine to semi-matte. 3.This oil-based lip liquid never feels tacky – a volatile silicone allows the lightweight finish. 4.A little goes a long way! Just one dip covers all your lips. 5.Applies evenly, without …

ES Series (ES 037) – LIP

ES 037 – 10Φ LIP CREAM 1. A soft-feeling, high-pigmented lip cream in a sleek 10Φ package 2. Soft sponge is perfect for blending out the color to create a blurred lip makeup look. 3. This lightweight formula will let your lips remain comfortable while maintaining a powdery and semi-matte …

TL Series (TL 002) – LIP OIL

TL 002 – LIP OIL 1.A lip-loving oil that comforts lips with a hint of color 2.No-residue formula deeply moisturizes your lip. 3.Never allows flakey and crusty lips thanks to naturally derived oils (Argania oil, Jojoba oil, Castor seed oil) 4.A drop of natural-looking color matches with everyone

TL Series (TL 002) – METAL SHINE

TL 002 – METAL SHINY GLOSS 1.A lip gloss with a explosive shine with iridescent pearl pigments. 2.This formula uses an oil with a high refractive index (>1.458) as a main ingredient, which gives it a luscious shine. 3.Argania oil nourishes your lips, while Vitamin E Acetate prevents them from …

TL Series (TL 002) – WATER GLOSS

TL 002 – WATERY GLOSS 1.A non-sticky, shiny, almost-water Lip Gloss. 2.Lightweight texture provides comfortable wear on lips. 3.Available in an array of shades – anything is possible from very sheer to highly pigmented. 4.Mild lip caring ingredients can be added such as Jojoba and Argania oil.

TL Series (TL 002) – LIP MOUSSE

TL 002 – VELVET LIP MOUSSE 1.A velvety, whipped texture for a bold finish. 2.Non-drying formula keeps your lips moisturized and comfortable. 3.The formula is powdery, long-wear, and highly pigmented. 4.A little goes a long way. Just one dip covers all your lips! 5.Applies evenly, without being tacky or streaky.

TL Series (TL 002) – LIP PLUMPER

TL 002 – MATTE LIP PLUMPER 1.A velvety lip mousse that creates the appearance of beautiful fuller lips. 2.Lip plumping ingredients helps to widen blood vessels of your lips with a little tingle. 3.Full pigments – just one swipe is enough to cover your lips! 4.The color stays on lips …

LT Series (LT 057) – LIP PLUMPER

LT 057 – 12Φ LIP PLUMPER 1.An extremely lightweight formula with a velvety texture, which maintains your lips comfortable even for a long time wear. 2.Full pigmented – a little goes a long way! 3.Elastomer gel and round-shaped powder with high oil absorption amount minimize oily feeling of lipstick, resulting …

LT Series (LT 057) – LIP TOPPER

LT 057 – 12Φ LIP TOPPER 1.A weightless formula glides on your lips with a iridescent, dreamy glitter. 2.Wear this on top of your favorite matte lip for a eye-catching effect. 3.This formula contains an oil with a high refractive index as a main material, which emphasizes the lip shade …

TL Series (TL 002) – WATERY LIP TINT

WATERY LIP TINT 1.A watery, long-lasting lip tint of air-like feeling 2.A lip tint with rich pigment which is weightless, all-day, and smudge-proof 3.Up to 12 hours of intense color you’ll forget you are wearing 4.To achieve desired intensity, just build light layers