TL Series (TL 002) – WATERY LIP TINT

WATERY LIP TINT 1.A watery, long-lasting lip tint of air-like feeling 2.A lip tint with rich pigment which is weightless, all-day, and smudge-proof 3.Up to 12 hours of intense color you’ll forget you are wearing 4.To achieve desired intensity, just build light layers

TL Series (TL 002) – LIP INK

LIP INK 1. This formula is right in the middle of emulsion and water – so hydrating and lightweight that you’ll forget you’re wearing a lip makeup. 2. Tired of pink stain? This special formula stains your lips with the exact color you see! Dark beige, Nude, Soft coral…just name …

TL Series (TL 001) – LIP MARKER TINT

LIP MARKER TINT 1.The water-based colorant of outlast lip stain, with a long-lasting and lightweight texture 2.Precision applicator makes it super easy even for makeup beginners to define their lips perfectly. 3.Waterproof, Long-wear (12hrs) 4.A wide color range from cute baby pink to deep wine burgundy