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Eye Liner (Liquid)

LS 003 Brow Pencil(Dual Circular Brush type)

LS 004 Brow Pencil(Dual Triangular Brush type)

LS 005 Brow Pencil(Dual Circular Nip type)

LS 006 Brow Pencil(Dual Triangular Nip type)

LS 007 Brow Liner(Dual Circular Brush type)

LS 008 Brow Liner(Dual Circular Nip type)

LB 002 Brow Pen(Single Brush type)

LB 003 Brow Pen(Single Nip type)

LE 001 Tank Pen

EL 001 Eye Liner(nip-Jumbo)

Eye Brow Gel & Brush

EJ 014 Shadow Gel Liner